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Who We Are

The Mexico Solidarity Project is powered by those who voluntarily contribute their energy and expertise. It's a labor of love that reflects our love of labor — on both sides of the border. Our participants come from varied backgrounds, but all share a life mission dedicated to ending global capitalist domination and exploitation, especially by the nation that many of us call home, the United States.

Meizhu Lui, Co-Coordinator

Meizhu Lui's experiences as the daughter of Chinese immigrants and as a single mom led her to focus on addressing inequalities based on race, gender, and immigration status. A hospital kitchen worker, she was elected president of her AFSCME local. She coordinated the national Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative, and co-authored The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide. Liberation Road, a socialist organization, has been her political home.

Bruce Hobson, Co-Coordinator

Bruce Hobson has lived and worked in Mexico at several points in his life. Now a Permanent Resident of Mexico, the city of Guanajuato is his home. For many years he worked in community- based rural health programs and directed a health and rehab program in Chiapas — until he was deported by the PRI government after the Zapatista uprising. He served as an international observer to Mexico's midterm election on June 6, 2021. As our main translator, his bilingual skills are essential to building cross-border solidarity.

Agatha Hinman, Bulletin Editor

Aggie is a California native whose politics and interest in Mexico and California farmworkers stem particularly from her father, a 1930s union organizer in the Central Valley. She was active in opposing the Vietnam war in the 60s and in her OPEIU union in the 80s. A clerical worker for 35 years in San Francisco and Oakland until her retirement, she is now bringing her editing skills to the MSB.

José Luis Granados Ceja, Mexico Solidarity Media

José Luis Granados Ceja is a writer and podcaster with Venezuelanalysis, an editor at Mexico Solidarity Media, and writes a monthly opinion column for the Mexico Solidarity Project bulletin. He also serves as the co-host of Soberanía: The Mexican Politics Podcast, helping English-language audiences better understand the country, its politics and its players from a leftist perspective.

About Us

Why a Mexico Solidarity Project?

The Mexico Solidarity Project was launched in 2019 as an initiative of the US socialist organization, Liberation Road, and now brings together individuals and organizations in the US and Mexico which support Mexico’s social movements, its sovereignty, and its resistance to US domination.

Even though Mexico and the US share history, land, and peoples, US activists know surprisingly little about it. With the rise of the progressive Morena party and its overwhelming electoral victories in 2018 and beyond, we saw a unique historical opportunity to build cross-border solidarity. The Morena government is asserting its sovereign right to control Mexico’s natural and human resources and to serve its people — not US corporate interests. For all who oppose US imperialism, solidarity with Mexico is essential.

Our support is not just for Morena, but with social movements committed to fulfilling the revolutionary desires of the people, including the Zapatistas and the feminist movement.

What is solidarity? First, US progressives need solid fact-based information about what is happening in Mexico, as seen through the eyes of the Mexican people. Concrete actions under the guidance of Mexican labor activists can add strength to independent union organizing. And, the US left must come together to pressure the US government to take its knee off Mexico’s neck.

* The Mexico Solidarity Bulletin

The bilingual Bulletin spotlights the struggles and humanity of activists in Mexico and the Mexican diaspora through weekly interviews. We explore what they're thinking, feeling, and doing, and how their own particular history and culture grounds their passion and commitment to changing our world. Getting to know, respect, and love each other is the basis of true solidarity.

* The Mexico Solidarity Project/Labor Notes Support Committee

In 2021, we connected with workers at the GM auto plant in Silao, Guanajuato, and helped them win an independent union. Our support includes media work, letter writing to US government entities, protests at US corporate offices, and fundraising. Because auto is a major driver of the Mexican and US economies, and because of the upsurge in auto worker organizing in both countries, our labor solidarity work will concentrate in the auto sector.

* The Mexico Solidarity Media Committee

In 2023, our newest committee corrects what most English speakers receive from mainstream media that view Mexico through an “America First” lens. Those “news” sources often distort, misinform, and disseminate outright lies that serve US corporate and nationalistic interests. The Mexico Solidarity Media website provides independent analyses, translations from progressive Mexican sources, reprints of excellent articles, and podcasts and YouTubes.

The past, present and future of the US and Mexico are inextricably linked. We have much to learn from Mexican activists and need their support for US struggles. Together, we can transform our hemisphere!

Labor Campaign

  • We also work with Labor Notes (on issues related to democratic unionism).