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Who We Are

The México Solidarity Project is powered by those who voluntarily contribute their energy and expertise. It's a labor of love that reflects our love of labor — on both sides of the border. Our participants come from varied backgrounds, but all share a life mission dedicated to ending global capitalist domination and exploitation, especially by the nation that many of us call home, the United States.

Co-Coordinator: Meizhu Lui

Meizhu Lui's experiences as the daughter of Chinese immigrants and as a single mom led her to focus on addressing inequalities based on race, gender, and immigration status. A hospital kitchen worker, she was elected president of her AFSCME local. She coordinated the national Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative, and co-authored The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide. Liberation Road, a socialist organization, has been her political home.

Co-Coordinator: Bruce Hobson

Bruce Hobson has lived and worked in México at several points in his life. Now a Permanent Resident of México, the city of Guanajuato is his home. For many years he worked in community- based rural health programs, and directed a health and rehab program in Chiapas - until he was deported by the PRI government after the Zapatista uprising. He served as an international observer to México's midterm election on June 6, 2021. As our main translator, his bilingual skills are essential to building cross-border solidarity.

Mexico Organizer: Javier Bravo

Javier Bravo is a long-time Mexican activist, who began organizing with Morena before it became a political party. He's firmly a member of its left-wing.  A historian, teacher, and union activist at the University of Guanajuato, he believes political education is the main activity that will enable the people to keep Morena on the path to transformation. To that end, he coordinates the local education program for rank-and-file Morena members.

Advisory Committee Chair: Gabriel Mireles

Gabriel Mireles is a Boston-based Mexican-American labor organizer and union staff person. He has spent years organizing in low-income immigrant communities across Massachusetts to help people realize their power through collective action. He’s involved in building and practicing solidarity with people's movements in Mexico and across Latin America.  As a musician, he recognizes the power of music to connect people across cultures.

About Us

The México Solidarity Project brings together activists from various socialist and left organizations and individuals committed to worker and global justice.

We launched the project in 2019 with a tour to several US cities by Morena activist and leftist Javier Bravo. His presentations generated interest in what's happening in México today — and what México's new political scene may mean for the peoples of both countries. Getting real news about México, tour participants agreed, remains next to impossible with a mainstream media that filters information through a US- and corporate-centric lens.

In early 2020, we were ready to roll on a second US tour when Covid-19 suddenly changed all our lives.

In a quick “COVID pivot,” we decided to concentrate on disseminating info and analysis through a short weekly México Solidarity Bulletin, published in both English and Spanish. Each issue now features a Voices interview with an activist from one of México's many social movements or Mexicano and Chicano communities within the US — or the borderlands, a region all its own.

Our México Solidarity Bulletin does more than offer political analysis. We tell stories that illuminate the humanity of the activists we spotlight. We explore with them what they're thinking, feeling, and doing and how their own particular historical and cultural contexts impel and ground their passion for changing our world. To paraphrase Ché, true solidarity will always rest on love.

Partner Organizations

There are many other organizations which do research, advocacy, and organizing on migration, labor, human rights, and other important issues. We spotlight their work and encourage people to read their analyses and join their campaigns.

Several other organizations regularly share our Bulletins with their members.

Labor Campaign

  • We also work with Labor Notes (on issues related to democratic unionism).