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AMLO on the True Meaning of Democracy

Earlier this spring, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador challenged U.S. President Joe Biden to end an attitude of “abandonment” and “disdain” for Latin America and the Caribbean as the two leaders met a summit of North American leaders. We present here some highlights from AMLO's remarks.


Many of the great crimes against humanity have been committed in the name of God or in the name of democracy.


It is important, because of that, to return to the original and true meaning of the concept of democracy. Aristotle said that there were three good and three bad forms of government. He came to the conclusion that democracy was the best, or the least bad, and he argued that democracy, as in the Greek origin of the word, consisted of the power of the people.

In our time, there is still a mixture of oligarchy and democracy, or a simulated and mediated democracy. That is to say, in some countries, the oligarchy reigns with the façade of democracy.


For example, how can we talk about democracy if the elites dominate, and not the majorities? How can we talk about democracy if there is no separation of economic power and political power? How can we talk about democracy if, in recent times, there has been the most offensive concentration of wealth in a few hands in the history of the world?


…That is why we have to move further and further away from kratos [“power” in Greek] without demos [“people” in Greek], from power without the people, and make sure that the central purpose of the government is always to seek the happiness of the people, of a government of the people and for the people…


May democracy be authentic and true and may justice always triumph over power!