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Contrasting the Candidates in 2024 Election

The Mexican presidential election is still ten months away, but  the race has already started.  AMLO proposed rules for selecting the next Morena candidate in June and Morena’s National Council approved them unanimously. The lack of leadership in the opposition allowed AMLO to also set the tone for their own selection process.

 Currently the front runners on each side of the political spectrum are women.  Mexico will probably have the first woman president-elect in June 2024.

But former Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum from Morena, the left-wing party, and  Xóchitl Gálvez from PAN, the right-wing party, present opposite views on most national issues, as outlined below.



Claudia Sheinbaum

Xóchitl Gálvez

Energy sovereignty

  • A prominent leader in the 2008 Adelitas movement, resisting against president Felipe Calderon’s efforts to privatize the energy industry.
  • Defended AMLO’s electricity sector reform and lithium nationalization.
  • Opposed AMLO’s electricity reform, giving  the government 56 percent of the Mexican electric market and guaranteeing electricity as a human right.
  • Voted against lithium’s nationalization and the elimination of unfair regulations to the national oil company, Pemex.

Public health

  • Mexico City’s public health model now being replicated in most states as Mexico transitions to a universal health care system.
  • Proposed that government employees pay for their own private health insurance. Her proposal is similar to Obama Care.
  • Voted against national health care.


  • As mayor, reduced Mexico City’s debt by 5.1 percent despite COVID economic crisis.
  • In one year, reduced expenses in Mexico City’s government by 25 billion pesos ($1.47 billion) by canceling luxuries, private insurance, and media expenses.
  • Abstained from vote to require less government  spending on high salaries, media, and other superfluous expenses.
  • As governor of Miguel Hidalgo district in Mexico City (2015-2018), cut social programs, increased media expenses.

Public education

  • Long history of defending free public higher education.
  • Changed a scholarship benefiting only 10 percent of public school children into a universal benefit. 
  • Opposed reform bill that reversed 40 years of slowly privatizing education.
  • Multimillionaire ally  Claudio X. Gonzalez, was a principal supporter of attacks on public school teachers.

Public safety

  • As mayor, decreased the homicide rate by 46%. Took office with the highest rate recorded, left with the lowest rate since 1989.
  • Praised president Calderon’s public safety approach, which saw  homicide rates increased by 193 percent due to “war on drugs.” His minister in charge of public safety, Genaro García Luna, is a convicted drug-dealer,  currently incarcerated in NYC for conspiring with drug cartels.


Renata Turrent is a public policy expert  and

subdirector of the online magazine

Sentido Común (Common Sense).

She is professor of economic development

and an economics postgraduate at the

National Autonomous University

in México City. (UNAM).