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They say we are unpronounceable ...

Edwing "Canuto" Roldán

World Poetry Slam Organization Secretary 

Edwing Roldán calls themself a “poet without language.” Because language is only one tool to say what cannot be said, to create images and emotions that transcend the black symbols on the page or the person on the stage. They are a leader in a world-wide movement of slam poets who are the most radical practitioners of freedom of expression, using their bodies as well as their voices. From different languages, from different countries, from different circumstances, the poets support and challenge each other to unleash the real stories of their people — however they define who their people are — into the world.


                                    -Meizhu Lui

They say we are unpronounceable

meaningless signs that contaminate

and hinder its structure

because they make them stop at every step,

notice what it means

have only a couple of options.

To be or not to be

it is a dilemma of death.

We are your vanishing point

his ineffable cross,

the mark in


which nullifies its dual logic.

reverse reading,

lyrics that are ghosts

vestiges of sexes

that they wanted to erase

and they don't disappear.




Dicen que somos impronunciables,

signos sinsentido que contaminan

y entorpecen su estructura

porque les hacen detenerse a cada paso,

reparar en lo que significa

tener solo un par de opciones.

Ser o no ser

es un dilema de muerte.

Somos su punto de fuga,

su cruz inefable, su tache inaudito,

la marca in


que anula su lógica dual.

Lectura inversa,

letras qux sxn fantasmxs

vestigios de desexs

que han querido borrar

y no desaparecen.