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Our Hearts Sing Freedom: La Gloria de Cinco de Mayo

Bill Gallegos, a veteran Chicano liberation activist, environmental justice leader, and revolutionary socialist, has a lot to howl about.

Some poetic thoughts on an annual highlight of our year...

Cada Cinco de Mayo Brown hands hurriedly cutting/backs bent/skin scorched/dignity resting lightly on shovel.


         El Aguila/flowing in an arc de Resistencia

piercing the seamless skies of Aztlan.


         We are not the spoils of conquest/not meant to be chained/our bodies broken for CoolRay tycoons, drinking our lifes blood/on the fringes of ClubMed.


           We are the children of Cuahtemoc/ 

creators of awe and wonder/visionaries/life givers …

desert artists singing sacred song.


You cannot defeat us — racists with bibles and guns!


         También, we are the children of Puebla/souls fired like

diamonds struck hard by the oppressive hands of decay/and a greed

         untouched by the tender stroke of humanity.


You cannot defeat us/our veins run with the blood

of struggle/and a blessed fire. Our hearts sing

a freedom song/even in the deathly cold and silence of your prisons.


         Simón!! We are the children of Zaragoza, of Juarez, and Villa,

of Zapata, Flores-Magón and Tennyuca/… soldadadas valientes de Cortina/


         We are Mano Negra and Brown Berets/Mothers of East LA Streets.

We are your worst nightmare — the true Calawala cabrónes.


For reals — we are the true Sueño de Las Américas.