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In the Call for Morena’s National Congress: Real Deficiencies

The National Executive Committee of México’s ruling Morena party has initiated an internal renewal process looking toward the 2024 electoral process. This week’s Reflections — from well-known Morena supporter John Ackerman, a law prof at the National Autonomous University of México — challenges Morena leaders to do much more to ensure a robust democracy within the party. We’ve adopted this text from a longer Ackerman piece published this past Friday in Spanish.


One of the main demands of the Morena National Convention has always been the holding of a National Congress, and we are pleased with the important historical achievement implied in the Morena National Executive Committee’s new call for a third National Congress.

But after a rigorous analysis of the text, we have noted several deficiencies that cast serious doubt on the call’s democratic and statutory nature.


Everything seems to indicate that the true intention of Morena president Mario Delgado Carrillo and general secretary Citlalli Hernández Mora is not the empowerment of the Morena rank-and-file, but rather to centralize control even more in their hands, carry out an internal ideological purge to exclude the most bona fide voices of the workers, and empower groups that reproduce the patronage and corporate practices of the old regime . . .


The call proposes the renewal of all the leadership positions of the party, except those of the presidency and the general secretariat. Shamefully, current president Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández are clinging to their posts, openly ignoring the full sovereignty of the National Congress as the party's superior authority. And the entire voting process will be organized by an illegally integrated National Elections Commission that lacks the autonomy, transparency, or professionalism necessary to generate confidence in the electoral results . . .


In an outburst typical of the darkest times of authoritarian PRIism, the call explicitly states that it is strictly prohibited for those who are candidates to make public accusations against the party, its governing bodies, or other candidates or protagonists.


We issue a respectful but energetic exhortation to our National Executive Committee colleagues to immediately rectify the most harmful elements of the call so that it meets the minimum standards of democracy and legality . . .


Additionally, we call on all the conventionists in the country to redouble their efforts in favor of defending the founding principles of the Fourth Transformation of not lying, not stealing, and not betraying.


Today it is more important than ever to work together and, in an organized manner, to prevent Morena from reproducing the vices of the old regime and becoming a new PRI.