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Interviews with activists and analysts on both sides of the border, published originally in the weekly México Solidarity Bulletin.

Title Author Published on:
Ants: A Community in Development an interview with Elvia Sanchez Villescas Apr 29, 2021
‘The Walls Have Ears’ — and Eyes Exerpts from a conversation with Rep. Ilhan Omar and others Apr 24, 2021
Surveillance Exerpts form a conversation with Rep. Ilhan Omar and others Apr 22, 2021
Disasters Waiting to Happen, Happen An interview with Dr. Irma De La Cruz Apr 17, 2021
Art and Culture Without Borders An interview with Jimmy Centeno Apr 14, 2021
Ice Boxes and Dog Kennels Veronica Escobar, Maria Elena Salinas, Jess Morales Rocketto, and Erika Ardiola Apr 13, 2021
Back to the Future: Zapatista Democracy An interview with Gustavo Esteva Nov 11, 2020
The Word Border An interview with Mary Ann Kopydlowski Nov 11, 2020
The New NAFTA An interview with David Bacon Oct 23, 2020
A Morena Activist on México's Stake in the US Election An interview with Javier Bravo Oct 13, 2020