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The México Solidarity Project, organized in 2019, recognizes the 2018 presidential election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as a watershed moment. AMLO and his progressive Morena party offer the first opportunity to end the corruption, impoverishment, and subservience to US interests that has marked the 70 years of PRI party dominance.

At the México Solidarity Project, we offer critical support for Morena. That means listening to voices in the social movements in México struggling for basic rights and improvements in the lives of workers and people in all marginalized groups. These voices for radical change sometimes line up with Morena and sometimes, as with the Zapatistas, do not.

We bring together activists from various socialist and left organizations as well as individuals committed to worker and global justice. Our most basic goals: to promote people-to-people understanding across borders and to concentrate efforts to oppose the US dominance that undermines México’s national sovereignty.